There is a variety of common benign (noncancerous) growths that can appear on the skin. These growths arise for different reasons, and you may develop many of them at one time. Some appear after an injury to the skin or in response to years of sun damage, while others simply develop due to normal aging. Some individuals may inherit genes from their parents that make them more likely to develop certain growths. 

✨How are common growths treated?✨

Many common skin growths do not require treatment. If you notice growths are changing, itching, or bleeding, however, it’s important to see an ASA dermatology provider, as these could be signs of skin cancer. 

Even when growths do not need to be treated, some people may want a growth removed because it has become irritated, painful, or inflamed, or because they do not like the way it looks on their skin. 

One of our trusted dermatology providers can remove most growths right here at ASA Derm! 

Below is a list of some common growths that we remove cosmetically:

✨Skin Tags: These small. floppy, flesh-colored growths stick out from the skin, and they may be larger at the top than at the base. Skin tags usually appear after midlife, typically on the neck, trunk, or armpits, or in or near skin folds.

✨Seborrheic Keratosis: SKs are rough bumps that usually have a waxy, stuck-on appearance, like a dab of warm candle wax.

✨Cherry Angiomas: These small, bright red or purple growths are filled with many small blood vessels. They can grow anywhere on the skin and most appear on the upper body.

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