What is a cyst?  A cyst is a benign closed capsule or sac-like structure, that can often be filled with liquid or semisolid material. Cysts can occur anywhere on the body, from the scalp to the feet.   There can be a large variation in the sizes of a cyst.   Cysts generally can be palpated on the skin.   They can be deep or superficial.  They may be present for many years without any changes.  Sometimes, cysts can rupture and become inflamed or infected.  In these cases, it may be necessary to take antibiotics and/or have the cyst drained.  Cysts can often be recurrent after they are drained.  The only more definitive way of getting rid of a cyst is to have the entire cyst excised.  Even with excision, there is still a chance of recurrence. 

 Do you think you have a cyst?  If so, and want to have it evaluated, we have expert staff to be able to evaluate you!